Handy Sniffer

Handy Sniffer 1.3

Capture and analyse Ethernet packets


  • Promiscuous mode
  • Easy and usable capture mode


  • Not for beginners


If you need to capture and analyse Ethernet packages as part of your work or leisure pursuits then I feel very sorry for you. You must lead a very boring life. Sorry, just kidding, there are times when it's useful to be able to monitor network information, and Handy Sniffer provides the tools for doing so using a Pocket PC.

Like similar analysers or captor packages for Windows or Linux, Handy Sniffer allows you to capture Ethernet packets and analyse their headers. It is capable of identifying the type of package, the source address and destination and list all of the fields in the hierarchically header (eg Ethernet/IP/TCP/HTTP).

The app lets you record and capture charge, export packages to text files, work in promiscuous mode (only adapters WiFi TNETWLN or TNETW1251) and includes two display modes: normal and landscape. It provides you with plenty of information, but unless you're a network specialist you're going to find this pretty meaningless.

Handy Sniffer represents an ideal solution for checking Ethernet packets, but if you're a beginner then it will probably confuse the heck out of you.

Handy Sniffer provides realtime capture and analysis of Ethernet packets through an easy and usable system of packet filters. It contains the opportunity to filter packets with target substring and to save/load captured packets (.cap, .bin) ot parts of a packet.

The app boasts a promiscuous mode for TNETWLN WiFi adapters (e.g. Fujitsu-Siemens LOOX)
and a promiscuous mode for TNETW1251 WiFi adapters (not all, e.g. HTC Touch). Portrait and landscape screen orientation are both supported.

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Handy Sniffer


Handy Sniffer 1.3

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